Bruce Fransen Creations: an appreciation and understanding of trees and wood from various dynamics.   Playing woodwinds, hand splitting wood, making furniture, climbing, pruning, taking down trees, and producing sculptures, has been a constantly evolving force in my life. This constant and vibrant intertwining of disciplines has yielded a strong platform on which I grow creatively.

My wood sculptures are produced by reduction carving.  I begin with a log and a chain saw, proceed to grinding and sanding and employ gauges and rasps for detail, finishing with a high polish emphasizing grain and smoothness to touch.  Many sculptures are vessels - I enjoy working with the tensions between the inner and outer surfaces and the capacity for the finished pieces to hold something.  My work is environmentally considerate as I recycle wood from my tree business, using only locally grown species and thereby maintain a low carbon footprint.

I have progressed in two broad directions. The first involves organic visual movement and rhythm, giving the feeling of reaching up or blossoming. The second results a series emphasizing simplicity of line, a sense of floating movement and a peaceful, at rest visual sensibility.  Both directions have evolved naturally and without plan.  I remain open to wherever the journey takes me.

Bruce Fransen, Woodworking
Bruce Fransen Woodworking at the Bridge Gallery

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Bruce Fransen, Woodworking Bruce Fransen, Woodworking
Bruce Fransen, Woodworking Bruce Fransen, Woodworking
Bruce Fransen, Woodworking  
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