Neil Super, Wood Turner

Neil Super is a longtime area resident and self-taught wood turner who now teaches lathe turning and works at his craft under the banner “Two Rivers Turnings.” He likes to search for and reveal the hidden beauty of responsibly harvested, local wood species, often in castaway pieces that require only that someone peer inside, past flaws and defects, to the soul of a tree. His personal connection with his materials often allows him to identify precisely where and how he came across the wood for a given piece, and he delights in telling the “stories” behind such pieces.

Neil’s creative vision includes the strong belief that inherent natural beauty – found here, where we live - is worthy of special attention. Thus, his work is informed by a desire to find and interpret that beauty in his own unique way, which can take several forms. While tending to favor simple, elegant, natural forms that evoke appreciation for nature’s handiwork as he interprets and reveals it on the lathe, he does not hesitate to embellish wood with other materials or techniques when appropriate.

Over time he has discovered that by carefully choosing, planning, and working a piece of wood, and heeding the whispered voices within, he knows when and how to step out of its way. Thus, his vision of himself as shepherding a piece to its final form is reinforced, and when successful, results in a sense that a piece of wood has arrived at where it was meant to be.

Neil Super, Wood Turner
Mark Muse, photography

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Neil Super, Wood Turning Neil Super, Wood Turning
Neil Super, Wood Turning Neil Super, Wood Turning
Neil Super, Wood Turning Neil Super, Wood Turning
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